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It’s Mental Health Awareness Month!

The National Vital Statistic System (NVSS) released a report in September 2022, about the Provisional Numbers and Rates of Suicide by Month and Demographic Characteristics. In 2021, provisional suicide counts totaled 47,646, that is 4% higher than in 2020 (45, 979). Source: CDC.

Let that sink in!

We are so excited to be sharing this once in a lifetime opportunity with you. Whether you’re an individual looking for resources or a business looking to expand your global reach, there is something for everyone. During the month of May, we’re offering this exclusive deal just for you! Purchase one membership (Individual or Entrepreneur) and gift one for FREE (12 months). This offer is only available until May 31st, 2023, at Midnight. The best part is if you purchase your membership before the end of the month, your price is locked in for as long as you’re a member.

What is the BEE University?

BEE University is a program where you can recreate and rewire your world from a plethora of educational and inspirational tools specifically created to help you level up your mental health and wellness.

We do not offer professional or clinical mental health services. We are here to help you find your community. Whether you are searching for a sense of happiness, prosperity, and peace or the knowledge that you belong to, you are worthy and you are appreciated, Bee University can help. Everything our athlete community and our student (high school and college) community need to grow and become who they desire to be is right here on our platform. If we do not have the resources for you, we will help you find what you need to continue your journey to mental wellness.  Let’s change the conversation first, by talking about what’s positive, courageous, and strong about who we are, and releasing the burden of negativity and limiting beliefs.

We have created a hub of the world’s best mental health resources all in one place. Together we will join forces to create a long-term solution when it comes to the civilian mental health community.

Why become a member of BEE University as an entrepreneur?

With a current mental health care crisis, and provider shortage, we are straying away from traditional, clinical mental health care and creating a “civilian” based network of providers and services. We aim to revolutionize the visibility of readily available support options to serve those in need. At BEE U we are building a network of supportive, passionate leaders and changemakers who love what they do and are trained to help. Over the last week alone our site has had over 80,000 views. The only thing missing is members like YOU!


We invite YOU to BEE a part of the solution!

By becoming a member of our business directory, you get global visibility and have the opportunity to join forces with others that are changing the conversation about mental health while doing the impactful work you love. We are creating a fun and interactive way for our members to create their own custom virtual toolbox with the content and knowledge only you can provide!

As we are in the beginning steps of creating this global online platform, we appreciate your assistance in getting this ship sailing smoothly.

Membership Levels

      1. Access to our BEE Directory
      2. Access to the BEE Library (exclusive education and motivational content)
      3. Annual Listing in our BEE Directory
      4. Speaking opportunities for our university events
      5. Host/Promote your courses on our platform.
      6. Global Social Media Visibility
      7. 1-page Advertisement in our Quarterly BEE U Digital Magazine
      8. Featured spot in our monthly newsletter.


You get the same top 8 benefits as the BEE Entrepreneur (see above) but with a few additional perks (see list below).


    • VIP Entrepreneur$200.00 yearly with a 7-day trial period
      1. Featured story in BEE Inspired, BEE’s digital mental health magazine.
      2. Opportunities to speak at BEE University events.
      3. Opportunities to submit courses to BEE University
      4. Global visibility on all social media platforms
      5. Secured spot in our Pave the Way Mental Health Summit as a speaker or panelist.
      6. A chapter in our upcoming E-book series
      7. 8-page spread featuring your business in BEE U Magazine, our quarterly digital magazine
      8. Welcome meeting with the committee.
      9. Skill enhancement opportunities
      10. Start their own podcast through our podcast company.


Benefits of coming a VIP BEE Entrepreneur:

    1. Securing a spot as a speaker or a panelist in our annual Pave the Way: Mental Health Summit. Along with various incentives. (Virtual or in-person Booth, part of the digital and printed resources provided to all attendees, newsletter, and digital mental health magazine, etc.)
    2. A member of our welcome committee. Helping us create a fun and interactive way to welcome our newest members who join as athletes, high school, or college students. Highlighting your business and/or any resources you provide within the BEE University platform. (Example: course, workshop, masterclass, blog, etc.).
    3. Skill Enhancement Opportunities. We will have a group of coaches on hand to provide you with one-on-one opportunities to help you enhance your skills.
    4. We are teaming up with Snowman Media to help you create your own podcast. From finding your niche, to the dos and don’ts of starting your own podcast. Along with helping you with graphic designs and launching your own webpage.


*Note: More benefits will be added as we grow our platform for VIP members.

Why become a member of BEE University as an individual?

Our membership allows you to be a part of an amazing network of others just like you who have been where you are and have knowledge and tools that have helped them.   This enables you to learn more and expands your opportunities to help you reach your goals faster with less frustration. Additionally, members will receive priority access to special events, gain early access to the newest content, and have access to specialized services depending on which level you purchase. Using the Bee University platform, YOU as members will have access to resources such as online courses, workshops, masterclasses, events, podcast talks, books, videos, pdf’s, tips, recipes, and much more.  Our community is a safe place to seek the means to create a better tomorrow. VIP members will also BEE able to create their own podcast. There is literally something for everyone!

Membership Levels

    • BEE Inspired$55.00 Yearly
      1. Members only workshops/Courses
      2. Access to exclusive content in our BEE Library
      3. Participate in the Bee Challenge Campaign (a week of challenges to help break the stigmas surrounding mental health)
      4. Access to our BEE Directory
      5. Opportunities to write a support article in our Magazine.
      6. Free/Discounted Admission to our yearly summits and events


You get the same top 3 benefits as the BEE Inspired (see above) but with a few additional perks (see list below).


    • VIP Individual$190.00 yearly with a 7-day trial period
      • Access to our Members only virtual events.
      • Custom BEE a Hero Membership Card
      • 1 VIP ticket to our Mental Health Summit beginning in 2023.
      • 1 VIP ticket to our BEE Inspired event.
      • Each month we will pick two members to write an article for our magazine or a blog post.
      • 30-minute coaching session with our CEO, Michelle DiMuria. Providing some tips and tools from her own experience of living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
      • Start their own podcast through our podcast company.
      • Networking opportunities (quarterly)


Benefits of coming a VIP member

    1. Instead of paying for a VIP ticket to our annual, Pave the Way: Mental Health Summit, as a thank you for being a VIP member, you will automatically receive a VIP ticket free of charge. Getting all the incentives without paying for it. Such as: VIP networking events, VIP Q&A with some or all our keynote speakers. A membership box mailed directly to you with all the printed materials to help get you started on your journey.
    2. The BEE Inspired event is a member only event, where members will get access to limited content, resources, and speakers to help them on their journey as they complete the 6 pillars within the BEE University. An opportunity for members to share feedback on what they’ve enjoyed and what they would like to see more content on.
    3. We are teaming up with Snowman Media to help you create your own podcast. From finding your niche, to the dos and don’ts of starting your own podcast. Along with helping you with graphic designs and launching your own webpage.
    4. Our quarterly networking events will be hosted online.


*Note: More benefits will be added as we grow our platform for VIP members.


When I met Michelle and learned about the Bee Daring Foundation it touched something very near and dear which is mental health.  As a man that has suffered through many mental health crises, it hit me immediately: Someone wants to listen.

When I told her my story, she introduced me to the foundation, and I knew I immediately had to plug in.  She listened, my wife supported, and that is why I am becoming a sponsor.  It’s a cause and a foundation I believe in, and I believe many can benefit from this foundation and from the people involved. – Snowman Media

David Lindsay, Instructor and Co-Creator of The Sports Academy.

Join the movement and become a member today!



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